Branding Your Design Collection

Having a name is an important part of one’s identity. We spend so much time thinking of the perfect name to give to children and even to pets. Yet you take so much time planning and designing your own jewelry, but do not take time to think about your jewelry brand name. Even titling a work of art can be pretty tricky and would take lots of time for you to decide and there would surely be plenty of mind-changing going on.

When branding your jewelry collection, you have to make sure that it communicates what the concept of the designs is all about. It also has to give it that certain appeal and the ability to spark the interest of potential buyers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with even some of the strangest word combination. When something pops into your head, write it down! Nothing is too crazy for this.

Another thing that is important when coming up with a name for your collection is that the name has to be attention grabbing and attention retaining. It helps if it is easy to pronounce and easy to remember. Some of the best titles have nothing to do with the product itself but it really makes people curious and they turn out to be very effective.

Collection names are also a lot better if they are short because as mentioned above, it makes them easier to remember. But make sure that you can convey the gist of the collection in a few short words. It might also be a good idea to omit words that are obvious such as jewelry, necklace, etc.

A great tip to remember when coming up with names is to have a dictionary or a thesaurus close by. These will help you to come up with words that you wouldn’t have thought of in the first place. There can be a number of better ways to say pretty or shiny and your thesaurus will help you with that.

You can also opt to choose words that are from a different language. This gives your name a slightly different flavor. It also helps that some words in other languages may sound a lot better or a lot more romantic.

Of course I did say that nothing is too crazy when coming up with names but this only applies during your brainstorming session. But it is very important to stick within the general feel of your collection. Perhaps using word combination that are more specific rather than vague will help in communicating the theme better.

Beading and jewelry making is a way to express yourself. Once you are able to make stunning jewelry pieces do not forget that your brand name will become associated with you and you need to express this as well. Take some time creating a perfect name for your unique creations, whether you are making Christmas beaded ornaments or studded gemstone bracelets.

The Development Bottleneck Small Jewelry Companies Might Encounter

Small jewelry companies are always jealous of the popularity of famous jewelry brands such as Tiffany and Cartier; however, small jewelry companies seem to have neglected that it is time, investment, talented employees and perseverance that build the gorgeous and sparkling garment of those famous jewelry brands. The following are several problems these small jewelry companies might encounter.

First, commodity

Nowadays, diamond market projects promising growth but on the contrary gold is gradually returning back the attention it has got. Diamonds now have become the new marketing pitch of jewelry sellers. But as long as a majority of jewelry sellers are concerned, their product developing process is generally flawed to a large degree and the most serious problems are product design and product positioning.

Second, product positioning

Undoubtedly, the product is the soul of the jewelry. No matter the jewelry is positioning at a high, middle or low price, the design of the product should coincide with its positioning. Nevertheless, most of jewelry brands are duplicating the most popular jewelry items of other brands. Although the duplicated product is likely to generate profits under piles and piles of advertisement, the brand will gradually lose its soul overtime if nothing unique and distinctive has been included in the product positioning.

Third, product design

It is widely accepted in the jewelry industry that the design is the soul of the product. Original jewelry design has contributed enormously to enhancing the brand value of the jewelry and cultivating loyal clients. Product design calls for outstanding jewelry designers and in this regard, small jewelry companies should attach their interest in locating qualified designers.

To decide the value of a naked diamond, the most accepted factors to consider are the 4Cs. If no postnatal polish is added to the diamond, the uniqueness and specialty of the diamond will not be fully reflected. To look around, duplication is everywhere. Similar designs are confusing both people’s aesthetic appreciation and their judgment toward authenticity and duplication. Therefore, duplication is not a long-term solution to the development bottleneck small jewelry companies are facing with.

Unaware of brand effect

Small jewelry companies are seldom aware of the brand effect. The company owners’ knowledge toward the popularizing pitches is rather limited. Usually files and exhibition shelves fail to light the development path of the small jewelry companies.

To conclude, it is recommended that small jewelry companies refer to the problems highlighted above and make fully preparations in case their development bottleneck strikes them unguarded. Small jewelry companies should excavate the root cause of their development stagnation, explore potential clients and expand their market share for the purpose of achieving long-term survival and competing with world leading jewelry tycoons as long as their company size grants them the allowance.

Diamond Jewelry Many of Us Would LOVE to Wear

Elizabeth Taylor, British-American actress, child star and one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses always said ‘Big girls need big diamonds’ and Zsa Zsa Gabor, a Hungarian- born American actress who was engaged a number of times was asked whether a lady should return the ring if the engagement was broken. Her answer was of course darling, but first, you take out all the diamonds. Anything of value needs special care and by taking good care of your diamond jewelry, you will ensure your diamonds are always sparkling’.

Diamonds are forever and regular cleaning will draw your attention to loose diamonds too. Hand creams, dirt and oils can be removed with some baking soda, warm water and a soft bristled brush. Sometimes professional cleaning with a steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner will efficiently get rid of hardened dirt that your own brushing cannot.

Rich, Opulent, Ornate Jewelry

The beauty about exquisite diamond jewelry simply allows one to express different facets of their personality from jewelry designs from every decade.

Some of the most luxurious, ornate and elite jewelry brands provide jewelry with exquisite details and designs which will dazzle by day and night.

Cartier – founded in 1847 by Louis-Fran├žois Cartier in Paris. This world respected jewelry brand has stores in some 125 countries. Offering superb craftsmanship and with a rich and glittering history of supplying royalty with their jewelry, it was King Edward VII of England who said Cartier is ‘the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers.’ Prince Rainier III of Monaco proposed to Grace Kelly with a Cartier engagement ring; an eternity band of rubies and diamonds.

Alfred Van Cleef & Arpels – founded in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels, this superb French jewelry brand is renowned for its gem-setting procedure which is known as the Mystery Setting; allowing the gemstone to enjoy maximum exposure with hidden prongs. As one of the top jewelry brands in the world, Alfred Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry has always been selected according to the 4 Cs standards laid down by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA); one of the few jewelers to offer such quality standards with their diamonds.

Graff – found in 1960 in London by Laurence Graff, this jewelry brand deals with the world’s rarest diamonds. To this end, most of their diamonds are laser engraved with an unseen, unique tracking number from the Gemological Institute of America. They offer their wealthy customers with exquisite and pricey jewelry designs and are counted as one of the most expensive jewelry brands in the world.

Kokichi Mikimoto – found in Japan in 1893. Kokichi Mikimoto is famous as the inventor of cultured pearls and uses only 18 carat gold or platinum and always the purist of pearls. With a mixture of gold, pearls and diamonds, this luxurious jewelry is a huge trend and puts all its wearers in good fashion stead. The exquisite Empress Necklace features Conch pearls with 36.51 cts of diamonds and is set in platinum. Mikimoto jewelry, elegant statement pieces, can be worn day and evening.

Buccellati – opening his first jewelry boutique in Milan in 1919, Mario Buccellati’s jewelry is counted as one of the most expensive jewelry brands in the world. Buccellati has four manufacturing locations and relies on specialized craftspeople and artisans to produce their undeniably opulent silver and jewelry products; one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets necklaces and brooches that the jewelry brand is so well known for.

Luxury Diamond Jewelry Inspired by Showing off Success

It is always the right time to celebrate luxury, and diamond jewelry which as been master-crafted down to the smallest detail and stamped with a mark of quality from the best jewelers, will be with you every step into the future.

Italy’s Jewelry Brands, Which One Do You Like Best?

Italy can be not ignored in jewelry world, it always has nature inspiration for jewelry design which is combined with world level high technique perfectly. She creates not only influential jewelry design trend but also takes a leading position in global fashion field.

BVLGARI antique necklace

Being from famous top jewelry company BVLGARI of Italy, and showing dense classical styles of Greece and Italy, this brand expresses the importance position of function of diamond in jewelry. We always think that color is the key point in design. This idea has being inherited from the Renaissance, at that time, many exaggerated characteristics in color using can be found in jewelry.

BVLGARI antique snake-shape bracelet

Each product of BVLGARI is designed by the top designers and artist who can remind us of most important spirits of the Renaissance. BVLGARI expresses to produce jewelry with platinum instead of golden.

Damiani high quality jewelry accessories

The history of Damiani can be trace back to 1924; the founder Enrico Grassi Damiani founded a small workroom in Valenza Italy. Then luxury jewelry design helped he spread the reputation in a short time and became an effective jewelry designer who was appointed by some potential force people. After his death, the second futurity people added some popular and fashion creative factors and changed the workroom as a jewelry brand. The special Lunette shape diamond setting technique explain its spirit, from 1976, Damiani had won international jewelry praises in succession and gotten more and more admitting, then Damian get a space for the brand.

A Brief Review of 5 Top Jewelry Brands

Jewelry is a symbol of success and self-assurance, and the trademark of power and wealth. Used by kings and queens to indicate their status in society and their authority over the rest of us, it is also the attire of the rich and famous. Those more ordinary may access its aura and social reputation too, making it a medium of investment and a source of prestige. Fine jewelry brands have reliably produced pieces of outstanding craftsmanship and beauty, through their customary exceptional workmanship and artistic genius. Some of these brands are named below, together with a brief look at their histories and most remarkable achievements.


In the Swiss tradition of watchmakers and jewelers, Piaget has a reputation for high quality and characteristic designs. The brand has nearly 150 years of history and is renowned for the extremely thin construction of their timepieces. This technique of watchmaking, known as “ultra-thin movement”, is an example of the talent and standard of workmanship that is inherent in the pieces of this house. Their thinnest timepiece, the Calibre12P, measures less than 3mm. One of the leading jewelry brands, Piaget also manufactures outstanding jewelry, with the distinctive rose shape being included in many of their pieces.


As an island state, it is no surprise that legendary Japanese jewelry brand Mikimoto specializes in the use of pearls. Established in 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto is credited with developing the world’s first cultured pearls, although natural pearls from exotic locations are used too. The pearls are in a range of colors, combined skillfully with the precious metals to produce the effect of the sea’s power harnessed by human ingenuity. The brand also utilizes gemstones, and nothing else than 18 carat silver and gold.


Cartier is one of the premier jewelry brands in the world, with a long and illustrious past. The panther, resplendent in gemstones and precious metal, is Cartier’s trademark design. This house has provided pieces to official royalty, such as the Duchess of Windsor or Queen Victoria’s son Edward. The latter commissioned Cartier to supply the jewelry for his coronation. Other notable personas and superstars, such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Barbra Streisand and Elizabeth Taylor, have also worn pieces by this brand. Cartier therefore is associated with power and fame, as part of its lengthy and star-studded history as a jeweler and watchmaker.

Harry Winston

This brand was started in 1932 by its namesake, who is also nicknamed the King of Diamonds. Based in New York City, Harry Winston is an international operation that produces fine jewelry and excellent timepieces. Presently a member of the Swatch Group, the brand has developed a niche specialty in its estate jewelry, or pieces which have a history of past ownership and are treasured as antique. The superior workmanship and interesting story of each piece add to their value and their charm. Respect for the mores of society and the innate human sentiment that attaches to valuable gems is shown by Mr Winston’s donation of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute in 1958, making it available to everyone to admire and be inspired by.


Gucci is internationally synonymous with luxury, expensive accessories and the epitome of upmarket society generally. Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the name is famous for its handbags and apparel. However, there is also Gucci jewelry, for both sexes. The Horsebit configuration is Gucci’s unique design signature.

The brand recently made the news when it was worn by none other than the feisty singer Lady Gaga, and its fame is evidenced by its mention in popular media and its use by superstars and other public figures. It has come to be regarded as a telltale sign of opulence and ostentation.

These brands are all internationally famous and have long track records of providing the finest jewelry to the most upmarket and discerning customers. As rare as gemstones are, and as expensive as precious metals have proven to be, the skill and creativity that is incorporated into the work of these jewelry houses enhances the value of each piece and turns it into something that is far more treasured than the stones and metal themselves. As the epitome of human aptitude, social endeavor and creative ability, these jewelry brands represent some of humanity’s finest achievements, not only as works of art but as statements of authority and economic success in society.